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What Sort of Internet Do You Need

What sort of internet do you need to truly enjoy a 4k experience on you computer and tv. I am talking about whether or not you would be able to stream Netflix at 4k with any practical and affordable internet connection. Here they claim you can get a couple of types of what they call gigabit internet in this area. One is from North State Communications, which is not in my area and the other is U Verse which I am thinking about switching to at some point. If you went to then you could probably figure out what sort of internet there is for you to pick from in your area. I am not sure that they really give you a true gigabit internet any place though. U Verse apparently guarantees that you will get 45 megabytes per second, or maybe it is megabits, I really do not know which is which. At any rate that is not a thousand mb/s which is what a gigabit connection would apparently be defined as.

The minimum you would need for this 4k to work would be at least 17 mb/s or something like that. That is the number I have read. After all you are dealing with a picture that has four times as many pixels in it as a 1080p stream would have. I guess that before too long some one like Direct TV will figure out whether or not they want to start broadcasting in the standard, but it is not likely to be very soon. There just is not going to be a demand for it at the moment. The first thing to use this resolution will be small screen devices, the things that people hold in their hands and watch from less the length of their arm away.

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