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Trying to Learn How Jailbreak Phones

I am doing a bit of home work at the moment. I figure that I have a free iphone that this friend of mine gave me and I am going to try to figure out how to do an ios 8 jailbreak. Of course the phone seemed worthless to the person who had it, because the screen was cracked. This guy had been skateboarding with the phone in his pocket and he had been in a pretty nasty wreck. I was there at the time and we went to my Mom’s place so that I could clean him up and stop him from bleeding all over everything. At any rate that is how I got the phone and I knew this guy who had another broken iphone of the same model. I think that he had spilled some water or beer or something on it at a party and that had apparently fried the thing.

At any rate I took the screen out of one and put it in the other. I thought that I would probably need a special tool to do it. However I must have gotten lucky, because I some way or another got the screen out and put it in the other with very little trouble. I think that was a pure fluke, because it seemed like it was going to be a real problem when I was thinking about it. It just happened to come out and get back in a lot more easily than it looked when I watched it being done on youtube. That was how I figured out how to do it and I sort of improvised something that was like the tool that I needed. I was really happy, but now I need to fix it so I can get my number on it.

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