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These Guys Could Be the Next Big Thing in Computer Software and Hardware

I love to surround myself with people who think big. There’s just something about the way that they see the world that encourages me to want to see things in the big picture as well. A lot of my friends challenge themselves to do things that others would not even think of, or would not think possible. For example I have a friend of mine right now who was looking at designing an operating system that he strongly thinks will be a challenge to Windows. He is using bug tracking tools in addition to other pieces of software to help him in the design of this operating system. Now, will it really work? Will it really be a successful as he thinks? I don’t know but one of the reasons why I enjoy having him as a friend is because he is not afraid to push himself and challenge himself.

They’re another group of people that I went to college with, and they are working together to try to design the next thing and handheld mobile devices. Now I have to say honestly that a lot of the technical jargon connected to this type of work is beyond me. It is not my field of expertise. However it is always enjoyable for me to sit down with them and listen to them talk so excitedly about the progress that they are having with the products that they’re designing. Again, I can ask myself really how successful will the work that they are doing be? I don’t know but, I am happy to have them around me as friends because they are not afraid to challenge themselves, and to try something that other people just are not ready to try.

Who knows, maybe in the next few years the latest most popular piece of computer software, or computer hardware will be made by these guys. But even if it is not I am still happy to say that they are my friends and I was able to sit by them as they’re going through the creative process.

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