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Recovery After an Unexpected Fall

When it comes to my laptop, I treat it like a baby. I have a special case for the laptop to prevent any damage from happening to it. I always dust and vacuum the keyboard and blow the air vents clean. I do everything possible to keep my laptop in pristine condition, but sometimes, even my best efforts can’t overcome my clumsy nature. One day while I was moving my laptop to another room, I dropped it. The laptop landed on the carpet, so it didn’t receive any major damage, but I needed professional data recovery, because the hard drive stopped working.

I wanted to upgrade the hard drive to a solid state drive for a while, but I never got around to it. A solid state drive would have survived the drop because there are no moving components in it. When I turned on the laptop after dropping it, the hard drive made a clicking sound and then a beeping noise to indicate that something was wrong with it. I turned off the laptop to prevent any more damage from happening to the hard drive and used my phone to find a data recovery center.

The data recovery center inspected my hard drive, and told me that they could actually fix it by moving the heads inside back in place. They advised that one the hard drive is repaired, I transfer all of the data from it, because the hard drive may break again. I went to the store and bought a solid state drive and gave it to the data recovery center for them to transfer all of my data. The contents of the hard drive was mostly the operating system, with a few important documents, so the data transfer didn’t take long. I kept the old drive to use as an external drive, but a couple of weeks later it broke again.

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