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Best Prices for Black Toner

I work in an an office that has to print a lot of stuff, but unfortunately, our main printer just ran out of toner, and we do not have any more in stock in the back room. We just changed the company that we buy our supplies from, and apparently, according to my records, the new company does not carry the type of toner that we need for our printer. As such, I need to find a way to get some canon 128 black toner and I need to do so pretty quickly.

I am really hoping that it will not be too difficult to order some toner for the company. I am going to have to do it myself, since, as I said before, I can’t just simply order it the way that I would do with other supplies that are needed at the company. I guess that I will try to look around for prices that are available on toner, and hopefully I will be able to find a price that works well for the company.

It is in my best interest to get the lowest price possible on toner, Because otherwise, my boss might be upset with me. I know that he is already upset about this situation, and I am not exactly sure why I am the one who has to deal with the situation, but I am. I am going to try to make the best of the situation, and look for cheap deals on the type of black toner that we need for our printer. I also want to find a place that will have fast shipping, because we need to get the new shipment of toner into the office as soon as we possibly can, before work backs up more than it already is.

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